Grapetown Rail - Lyrics

Album: Mark Searcy, Grapetown Rail, 2017  
Written by: Mark Searcy Middleton

From Fredricksburg through Grapetown, all the way to San Antone
Yeah, Fredricksburg through Grapetown, all the way to San Antone
B‘fore you see me comin’ mama, you’ll hear my little engines moan 

It’s a long and winding, hard and rocky road
Some seventy-five miles, eleven days will take their toll
You better ice down your butter boy, you 'spect to make it on home 

Hear them engines churnin’ mama, and see that coal filled air
Yeah hear my engines churnin’, and see that coal filled air
Cause the next time you see me baby, be on that Grapetown rail

Nineteen and thirteen, Foster Crane led the way
With two-dollar horses, one hundred twenty eight days
If I don't see you in April baby, it’ll likely be in May 

Well loosen up my saddle baby, and let go of my black mare
Yeah now loosen up my saddle, and let go of my black mare
Cause the next you see me comin baby, I’ll be on that Grapetown rail 

Temple Smith, Mr. Banker Man, just one thing in your way
Some call it the Big Hill, impossible so they say
But we’ll get you through it Brother, for 50 cents a day

About Grapetown Rail

“Grapetown Rail” is based on the history of the San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Northern Railroad (SAF&N) which operated from 1913 to 1942, and dedicated to those individuals who labored for 50¢ per day in a persistent effort to complete the 920 foot tunnel through “Big Hill”, which is now inhabited by some 3 million Mexican free-tailed bats, as the Old Tunnel State Park. The piece performed in Spanish tuning on a National Delphi resonator.  From a performance standpoint, it’s the most technical piece on the album, and one of the two tracks that features my long time friend Rick Boss on harmonica.