Album: Mark Searcy, Slideaway, 2007  
Written by: Mark Searcy Middleton / Daniel Walker

Said I've been walkin’ round in circles and I still cant see the clues
Yeah talkin' round in circles and I seem to’ve lost my sense of blues
Cause I’ve been runnin’ my mouth like Mr. Johnson dances in his golden shoes 

Got that Jumpin Jumbalaya in my heart - it’s true
Gypsy woman told me - gotta pay my dues
Got no money baby, but livin hard - no news
Now I’m getting out of Texas, out to play the Telluride Blues 

Well - Twelve hundred miles, from my own brain
Must’ve left it back in Frisco when I hopped that train
Yeah, 1200 miles, and no more rain
Goin’ to Telluride baby, wo they won’t forget my name

I’ve been ridin the road, nothin’ to lose
Well I ain't slept a wink since you lit my fuse
Well c’mon baby, you ain’t got nothin’ to lose
Yeah come with me darlin, out to play the Telluride Blues