TRUTH - Lyrics  

Album: Mark Searcy, Slideaway, 2007  
Written by: Mark Searcy Middleton

I ain’t tired, no I ain’t hungry, but I’m lookin’ for a better way
Get my spirit flying higher - oooh!, oh my soul set it free now - ah set it free 
God called up Noah, told him bout his plan
"Better build a big, big boat, I’m taking back all the land"
Noah filled it up, and cast it to the sea
He danced onto the top side, and said “wooh! - the truth done set me free"

I ain’t got no - no, no money, I don’t drive no, no big fine car
I'd throw all those politicians - wooh! – I'd show all the politicians - behind steel bars
You can climb the highest mountain, travel to distant lands
You can be a corporate big shot, but brother understand
Only one thing really matters, put your mind at ease
I’m tellin' all you people - oooh! – the truth gonna set you free 

Little Mary, ah what an Angel, Gabriel dropped in - for a big surprise
Said "the Big Mans got a plan now - wooh! - ah the Big Man's got a plan yeah - don't run and hide"
You can make lots of money, earn you a Phd, or buy a great yacht, or maybe a whole damn fleet
But one thing really matters, I’m sure you’ll all agree
If you really want the peace now - wooh!  the truth gonna set you free