When Time Stands Still Evermore - Lyrics

Album: Strawberry Jam 1975, 2016
Written By: Mark Searcy Middleton

A homeless man sleeping sound in his alley
Breaking bread with a rat, was it fate or his folly?
But he'll be ok, be a rich man some day
When time stands still evermore

Mother earth she is hurting, raining tears of pain
We've overstayed our welcome, pillaged - rape the land, with no shame
Is it too late?  just have to wait and see
Til time stands still evermore

We've got to stop all this fighting
Love our brothers and our sisters too
We must make a stand, save ourselves, save God's land
Til time stands still
Til time stands still evermore

Well love, like there's no tomorrow
Like watching that sunset for the very last time
If we believe, together we can achieve
Til time stands still

Everyone's God, he is watching, some don't acknowledge
What the maker has in store, claim the preachers and the scholars
Might be surprised, we all shall learn too
When time stands still
When time stands still
When time stands still