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2021 - Arkansas Roots Radio Program - KASU 91.9 FM
Arkansas Roots Radio w/host Marty Scarbrough discussing the Arkansas Boy release

2017 - Jazz San Antonio KRTU 97.1 Blues Review - Grapetown Rail & SJ75 Release Show
Trinity Jazz Radio Blues Review show w/ host Mark Stewart talking about the new Grapetown Rail release

2016 - Jazz San Antonio KRTU 97.1 Blues Review - Strawberry Jam 1975
Live broadcast on the Blues Review show checking out the SJ75 release

2015 - Jazz San Antonio KRTU 97.1 Blues Review - St. Mary's Street
Trinity Jazz Radio w/ host Mark Stewart with a listen to the the new St. Mary's Street release

2014 - Jazz San Antonio KRTU 97.1 Blues Review - Pickett Searcy
Live w/ host Mark Stewart and guests Ginger Pickett & Mark Searcy discussing the 2014 International Blues Challenge 

2013 - Jazz San Antonio KRTU 97.1 Blues Review - Hazepipe Review
Live w/ host Mark Stewart discussing and listening to the new Hazepipe Release

2007 - Revolution KVRL94 Live Interview and Performance
Live - Radio Host Natalie Steele and Harmonica man "Drywall" Dave Schlabach. 

2007 - KBIG Radio - "Slideaway" Release Live Interview (Dallas)
Live interview on the Back Porch show w/ Jammin' Jay at KBIG Internet Radio

2007 - Texas Blues Cafe Podcasts Session# 79 (Texas)
Session #79, Feel The Pulse Of Texas! Experience the Texas sound played by indie blues, blues-rock and roots musicians found world wide. New artists this session are Mark Searcy, Mack Mcloud & The Hip Shakers and The BB Miller Band. Also in this set is Ruben Ramos & Los Super Seven, Paul Thorn, The Dirty Aces, Furious Slugs, Zed Head, Ashlee Rose, Howerd Glazer, Bill Maxwell, Ellis Hooks, Max Meaza and Brett Hinders. Come feel our pulse….You’ll see that We’re alive and kickin’! 

2007 - Vasco's da Blues Podcast #63 (Belgium)
...last year, he became finalist in the Telluride Acoustic Blues Competition and in the category “Musician of the Year” at the Texas Music Awards. He also won the “Best Acoustic Performance” at the San Antonio Guitar Wars. In 2006 he became the winner in the category Solo/Duo at the TBS Blues Challenge. He already released three CD’s: Like Father, Like Son (2005), Blindman’s Blues (2006) and the most recent Slidaway (2007), filled with strong slide work. A track from this latest album has been selected for this episode. Besides Mark Searcy, you can listen to Roadhouse, Blue Junction, John and the Sisters, Richard Ray Farrell & Marco Pandolfi, Elam McKnight, AJ and the Frozen Tundra Blues Band and Norman Beaker. Have fun and let the blues melt your mind!